Anything you’re Willing to Do, Just Do It Better Thru Soul Lit!

Soul Lit is an all-in-one shop offering hemp products, clothing apparel and herbal products. Headquartered in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Soul Lit provides the ultimate head shop experience to clients of all ages. We’ve everything you need to set yourself free, experience feel-good vibes, and have an incredible time.

The mastermind behind Soul Lit is Loud Pack Lu from Atlantic City, NJ. Loud Pack Lu works in a medical marijuana dispensary where he helps patients find the right strands for their ailments. With his experience, skill, and vast knowledge of the products, his greater mission through Soul Lit is to educate the consumers and raise awareness of the benefits of hemp and cannabis for mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Our mission is to deliver the most effective and pure CBD products to new and experienced users. We take pride in helping people to make their CBD and hemp consumption process easier and simplified. Our herbal products offer an alternative to modern medicine. The product line focuses on easing the mental health struggles, spiritual cleansing, and raising awareness for cannabis.

We bring high-quality merchandise to the consumers at all locations. Our clothing apparel represents a new way of living in New Jersey. Our team specializes in the fashion industry and has real know-how of the ongoing trends that consumers desire to fit into these days. We aim to serve our consumers with the highest-quality and superior customer satisfaction. Our exclusive products are all cannabis-friendly. The in-store products include accessories for tobacco products such as herbal grinders, water pipes, bong, rolling paper, and vaporizers.